National & International Awards

Award Artists at the Castle – Nerola (ROME) 2015

2015 Award Artists at the Castle – Nerola (ROME) 11 december 2015  The award is reserved to a strictly number of selected artists and wants to give prominence to their real value. The International event curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo, in collaboration with EA Editore of Palermo, will involve the principal contemporary artists

International Noto Award 2015

2015 International Noto Award – Unesco Heritage at Museum Convitto Ragusa - Noto – Sicily on December 4th 2015 The award will be given to the most important personalities of the world of art and culture.

International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci 2015

International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist. The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit. This is one of the most important art prices in the world . The Price is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.
The awards ceremony will take place in FLORENCE inside the Borghese Palace .  You will be awarded on January 29th, 2016, inside the  Borghese Palace in Florence.

Marco Polo 2015

2015 Marco Polo International Price, Art Ambassador, Italy, Venezia, Marin Palace 2015 -25 September. The “Marco Polo – Art Ambassador International Prize” is a desired prize that every year is given to the most important personalities of the world of art and culture.

Michelangelo 2015

2015 Michelangelo International Prize, artist at the jubilee, Palazzo Cardinal Cesi, Rome Italy, December 10, 2015 It is an exclusive prize representing the MOSES sculpture, one of the most important works by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The prize has a historic value in 2015 occurs the anniversary of its creation by the famous sculptor, and it will be given to a restricted number of artists.

Grote Paul 2012

Heike Suhre wordt Grote Paul 2012   Sinds 2002 wordt de Grote Paul jaarlijks uitgereikt aan die fotograaf die volgens eigen vakgenoten de beste topfotograaf van dat jaar is. De Grote Paul is een hommage aan Paul Huf. In het jaar 2002 is de eerste Grote Paul aan Paul Huf zelf toegekend. De daarop volgende jaren kennen de namen van: Erwin Olaf (2003), Anton Corbijn (2004), Patricia Steur (2005), Rineke Dijkstra (2006), Vincent Mentzel (2007), Desiree Dolron (2008), Govert de Roos (2009) Stephan Vanfleteren (2010) en Peter Kemp (2011). De Grote Paul 2012 wordt bij deze vooraankondiging  op  27 November uitgereikt bij het Hoogheemraadschap van Amsterdam(Waternet)... áán  HEIKE SUHRE.